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Get organized databases in Confluence Cloud. 

Use forms to capture metadata on pages, create reports and build databases in your Confluence space with Properties

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Add Properties to pages and templates

Add Properties to pages and templates. Use fields for due dates, task owners, relevant pages, project status and more. Search and visualize your data with filter and sorting and create reports.

Create reports and get insights of page properties

Reports provides insights to your properties and allows you to manage and update data through the report to be as efficient as possible. The instant editing will enhance your work process. 

Visualize your data in boards

Display your data in charts to display dependencies like responsibilities. Or manage your data in boards and update the page to property assignments through drag & drop instantly on the board.

Empower collaboration & documentation.

With Properties, you can get a snapshot view of information associated with each page. Secondly and maybe even more importantly, you can filter information based on different property types. Want to make sure all projects get a deadline? Create a property for that. Want to assign a project manager? You can create a property for that too. Yep, Properties do that.

🔍 Reduce your team's content caos

Connect your documentation, projects, and pages in Confluence Cloud. This way you always see the big picture and chaos doesn’t stand a chance.

📝 Give your content more context

Properties are essential for most projects and pages. They tell you what’s happening, who’s responsible or just about anything else you need to know.

📘 Customizing your workflows

Customize your Property Groups to make them work the way you want it to. Document everything from engineering sprints to content calendars.

Everything you need to manage your work in Confluence Cloud.

Create custom Property Groups

Build reusable collections of custom Property Groups that act as form fields on your pages. Use properties to create powerful property groups.

Embed forms on your pages

Add properties that act as form fields on your pages. A variation of field types ensures quick and reliable user input. 

Create databases & reports in Confluence

With Property Group Reports, you can easily create an overview of your pages that doesn’t require any configuration. 

What our customers say about Properties

Mattison Murphy
"Highly recommended app for confluence. The usability is intuitive, the functionality is as described and when i reached out to their customer support I felt like i was being taken care of by a teammate. Super responsive, courteous and helpful. If we had the confluence data center we would check out their blueprint product as well. Thanks Junovi team"
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Marie Günther
"The properties and especially the property group reports are very useful for our team to organize our customers! In case of questions, optimizations or bugs, you will receive a fast and competent feedback from the Junovi team, and they solve every issue"
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Dirk Alexander Schaefer
"This app helps a lot in creating structured document libraries and also makes it easy to change meta data on the fly, very helpfull. The support is responsive and takes care about its customers, very nice! My full recommendation!"
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